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Adopted 3 boys out of foster care, then got pregnant for my beautiful daughter, now currently pregnant again with twins.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

If he could only sit still for a haircut

It wouldn't look likethis!

He screams like you're killing him when his hair is cut, so this is the best we can do. It will look good in about 3 weeks.

If you want access to the palace, leave your email in the comments for this post, and I will TRY to add you asap. Of course, it may take time.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Could Kick Myself

First, check out thepictures
of my boys.

Anyway, back to Bubbles. Since we hired her an attorney, we called her attorney yesterday to find out the results of her hearing. She and brother are remaining in care. Judge wants tpr. At least she will be safe.

Her current foster family is under investigation because caseworker lied to judge about them also, something about them not following the caseplan. I know I made the right decision, because I couldn't risk something happening to Smiley if we were investigated. Do you know how being put back in a medical foster home could have affected Smiley? Anyway, they are fighting to not have the babies moved during the investigation. I begged foster dad to fight for them and looks like they have.

I wish I would have stuck it out, but there was no way I could work the new caseplan which required 3 visits a week.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Why I've Been Away

For lack of time and creativity, my new arrivals are:

G - 3 yr old boy
J - 1 yr old boy

We had the joyous 1st family visit since the boys have been here. G's already horrible behavior was multiplied by 10 Tues night as I experienced a 2 hour tantrum including the kicking, screaming, and trying to hit his head on anything in sight. Just now had to stop typing to go put him back in time out. I fear he has an attachment disorder as nothing phases him or makes him listen. He was also calling us mommy and daddy an hour after meeting us. G is still playing rather rough with Smiley, so I still have concerns with this.

J is a little better but screams a lot and throws himself around when he doesn't get his way. I think he was very spoiled in his other home. He is lovable most of the time and gets along well with Smiley. He is constantly wanting to eat, but I'm sure that's just his age.

K has been a tremendous help with the little ones, but we are a bit overwhelmed. What I'm working on now, is letting G learn he doesn't get everything he wants. Yes, I am having a power struggle with a 3 year old and I believe I'm winning, which is why there is much screaming and tantrums from G.

At this point, caseworker is considering separating them and may let us just keep J. G has caused EVERY placement to fail and his behaviors are beginning to rub off on J. I don't normally like to see siblings separated, but I think this may be the only way for the 3 of them to get adopted. Older sister is in another home and is thriving now.

I'm not sure what will happen next, but right now I'm fighting for control and peace in my house. Please pray for my little ones.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Things are ok, not great but ok. 3 yr old gets caught hitting Smiley a lot, so staying on him and watching them closely. Don't know if I can commit to adopting both at this point though.

Just giving a quick update. Got to go before they tear the house apart.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I know this happens a lot

The 2 and 1 yr old I was told had no major problems...Well, come to find out the older boy is 3 1/2(which by itself isn't a big deal), agressive, and the boys have been moved 4 times. Yes, they are here. No major problems yet except older boy is bullying on Smiley a bit.

Normally, I'd blow off this "forgotten" information, but I have a medically needy child. I'm not so angry that I'm ready to give up already, I'm just pissed because I don't like to have children moved unnecessarily and had I known this, I would have said they wouldn't be a good fit for the other children in my home. They would, however, be great as the youngest children or only children.

For now, we'll just love them as much as we can and hope for the best.

Monday, May 05, 2008

My Scare for the Day

As I pull into daycare, I see a car in the parking lot belonging to child services. I begin to worry that a girl I knew might have been taken into care(grandma that was caring for her died and grandpa now raising her and her sister, doesn't have much family support, but doing the best he can). I walk in and am signaled by the daycare owner to come back where I see the investigator(I've met her a couple times before) with a paper with a report of child abuse with Smiley's name on it.

My heart sank and I started to shake.

Me: "what's wrong"

Investigator: I need to talk to you, can I get your number and address?

Me: (giving information)...WHAT'S WRONG??

Investigator: If you'd like, we can go outside and talk.

Me: (outside) What's wrong (trembling and terrified)

Investigator: We received a report that Smiley was in a carseat that kept tipping over and isolated from the other children.

Me: What!! My carseat is in secure...I'll show you (I begin walking to my car).

Investigator: No, the report isn't against you, it's against the daycare. They denied it but want to know what you think.

Me: It can't be true. They have always taken excellent care of all my foster children.

Investigator: Oh you're a foster parent? Is he a foster child?

Me: Not anymore, we adopted him in Nov.

Investigator: That's right...Smiley...I remember him.

Anyway, turns out day care owner fired a lady last week because she didn't like the way she was treating some of the kids. This lady is none other than stepson's mom's cousin, so it all makes sense now.

I told the investigator we fought so long to adopt him, I always fear being investigated for false accusations.

My heart is still racing. Scared the hell out of me. Hugged Smiley a little tighter tonight.

Btw, the boys will be arriving Fri. They also have an older sister that is 4, that we may consider taken if her current foster family cannot adopt her. I will not break the family bond they have just to put the siblings together though.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


Well, first I let out something about the conversation with Princess' mom. She said she was clean, but her speech was slurred and L could here it and wasn't even on the phone with her. I don't know if that means she was lying, or her voice is permantly like that for years of using. I will give her a follow up call in two weeks to check on her. I pray she really turns it around.

Well, we got a call for 2 boys, age 2 and 7 mos. Mom has repeatedly been testing positive for mom. Boys are with grandma, but she cannot adopt them. Great grandma(she's 68) just started the paperwork for an out of state homestudy to take them. After some thought, we decided not to take them. We really want a girl.

Friday(the next day), we got a call for another 2 boys, age 2 and 1. Mom has just been sentenced to 15 mos, and hasn't done a bit of her caseplan and dad wants nothing to do with them. They want them moved from a foster to adoptive home so they can go for TPR. We decided to take them. If we get a girl or newborn later, we'll take it too. Hey we are crazy since we're foster parents.

The boys should be here by the end of the week. Help!! I'm seriously outnumbered.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

As I Suspected

Princess' mom in pregnant. Due in Aug.