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Adopted 3 boys out of foster care, then got pregnant for my beautiful daughter, now currently pregnant again with twins.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Scooter (Updated)

Scooter was our 2nd foster child. He was two, came to us when mom abandoned him at a babysitter's. Dad promptly showed up from out of state and the 72 hour hearing, but judge wanted to check him out first, so he stayed with us about a month, and reunited with his dad.

Anyway, Scooter's uncle, who lives in town invited us to his wedding this afternoon, so I get to go see my little man today! I honestly hope he doesn't remember me though, but it will be nice to see how he's doing. Hard to believe he's almost 5 now!

Other than that I've been busy with school, taking two classes plus teaching full time. I will try to update more as soon as I can. I hope I still have some of you coming by to visit. Been missing everyone.


Well, Scooter didn't remember us, so that was great, so he should have no memory of being in foster care. Got hugs from dad and dad's girlfriend. He is doing great, some problems with tantrums in school and still wants to eat all the time. Dad also has another special needs child so we have something in common too. I know I got attached to him at the time, but it's so refreshing to see happy endings for some of these kids.

Sunday, February 08, 2009


Smiley's mom has invited us to her 4D ultrasound in a couple weeks and said she would give us pictures. Do you think I should go? I really wish there was a way to work out an open adoption rather than seeing her fight with the foster care system again. Like I said before, her mental ability to care for a baby has not changed. It just depends on whether dad can care for it, get and keep a job, and maintain suitable housing. This was the same boyfriend who has been around since Smiley's birth. I'm really not "hoping" it will get taken, just preparing in case based on evidence of her past and the fact they have both barely been able to provide for themselves the past 3 years without grandma's assistance.

We're also seeing a new geneticist and starting over so we can get first hand information. Bio mom has been generous with pregnancy info on Smiley and willing to come along for testing. It may be a bit of a hassle, but at least the doctor would have as much info as possible. It's kinda nice that our relationship has improved since the adoption was finalized. I never thought I'd have an open adoption, but it's harder than you think to just pretend he doesn't have another mom, especially since she's no danger as long as she's not alone to do something negligent. I guess it's just easier now that contact and visitation is at my discretion and there is no more court dates to worry about.

Sunday, February 01, 2009


It's past time for some pictures. I may take them down later, so have a quick look.



J, K, and Smiley


Smiley and me

Got to run, Smiley's screaming.

Adoption is such a wonderful blessing from God!