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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Left Out

Well, Smiley's teacher called and very carefully worded the conversation pretty much asking me not to send him to school for 2 field trips they will be taking because he has a broken leg(will explain later) and worried about being able to watch and keep him safe, as well as looking after 60 other preschoolers. Ok, I know he's difficult, but you're admitting you're taking these field trips and don't have adequate staff to supervise him but you have adequate staff to supervise 60 other 4 yr olds. Yes, I could be a b*tch and send him anyway since they can't legally discriminate, but concerned for his safety. I guess at least they were honest and didn't let him get hurt from lack of supervision.

Anyway, back to the leg. I dropped him off at school Friday morning, he was walking fine, nothing hurting around 7:30am. I am in the middle of my ultrasound, and I get a call saying they took him out of his chair, he tried to stand and was crying with a hurt leg. Of course, they swear nothing happened there. I know he's difficult, fast and unknowingly a danger to himself, but be honest with me! If you didn't see what happened, tell me. I'm the one having to explain to the orthopedic doctor that noone can explain how his leg broke.

So yesterday was family team conference for J, so I let almost every worker in the office know what happened with Smiley in case someone filed a report on us. Our worker said not to worry, but I'm not so good at not worrying.

I told his teacher I may just keep him home the rest of the school year(about 6 more days), and I can tell she's worried because she said, "Please don't think we don't want him. He's welcome to come all the other days." Of course, I worry if they're short staffed for field trips, will he have adaquate supervision on the other school days, especially since many teachers are taking off the last few days leaving less people to watch him?

I know I'm just probably being hormonal, but just about in tears for him. About to call father in law and see if he's off work and can help me get all his things this afternoon.