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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

House Full

Ok, I really intended on blogging more frequently, but the kids have been keeping me hopping.

The pregnancy is going well, 26 weeks tomorrow and the boys are looking good other than some fluid in both their kidneys. This generally goes away, and if not, it's easily treatable after birth. Still exhausted, but if I can get a short "catch-up" nap in the morning, I can usually make it through the day. The boys are moving like crazy and feel like they are running out of room, but still have 11 more weeks to go.

Kyleigh is officially walking. Now when you put her on the floor, she is beginning to prefer to walk rather than crawl. Of course, she is into everything.

Also, it looks like a may be getting a personal care attendant for a few hours a day to help with Nick. I hate asking for help, but I'm at the point it's going physically difficult to care for him with the lifting, dressing, and bathing, especially as he tries to wrestle me while doing these things.

Well, just wanted to give a quick update on the crew. Kyleigh is currently destroying my living room, so have to run for now.


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