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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Prayers Please

My former foster daughter is pregnant. She wanted to give it up for adoption to us but the pregnancy is eptopic.

She refused to take the medication for it to pass. I know this can be life threatening, so worried for her.

Am I correct in assuming with an eptopic pregnancy there is no possible way for the baby to grow and survive? Risking mom's life will not save the baby right?

I just want all the facts because if I have the opportunity to talk to her I want to be correct in advice. I would never be one to talk someone out of a pregnancy risky to their health, but I am afraid in this case there's nothing to save the baby.

I admire her faith in this. Monday morning doctors will perform surgery if it hasn't passed.

If you follow me on facebook, PLEASE do not bring this issue there because I want her confidentiality protected. I just needed to share somewhere to get the worry off my chest.