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Adopted 3 boys out of foster care, then got pregnant for my beautiful daughter, now currently pregnant again with twins.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

12 week ultrasound

It's Twins!!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011


Warning, picture of flabby belly is posted at the bottom of this post, mainly because I need your opinion. I was playing with my doppler(you know it's gonna be bad when I start my sentence with these words) yesterday and I found the baby's heartbeat in two, separate locations, about 3-4" apart. I kept going back and forth to these two spots and found the heartbeats both places each time. Today I decided to mark these spots with a permanant marker so I could experiment better and the same thing, heartbeat at the spot marked X, no sound while I pushed the probe across my belly, then when I reached the next X, heard the heartbeat again. Since I haven't had an ultrasound confirming there is only one baby, makes me wonder if there's two? Of course, there are likely other logical explanations(echo? pulse from placenta?)and there is probably just one, but of course, got me thinking crazy thoughts. So, my 12 week appointment is Thursday so I will act like a crazy lady and see if he can check to be sure there is only one, and maybe each explain the second heartbeat. Both are definitely MUCH too fast to be my heartbeat, because although I pick up my pulse a lot too, this is not it. The second picture is an 11 week belly shot that's not so close up.

Friday, June 24, 2011

11 weeks

11w3d today and and I'm really gonna attempt to blog more this pregnancy because looking back for Kyleigh, I didn't write as much as I should have.

It seems I am making my way near the end of the first trimester already. Main symptom is exhausting and no morning sickness thank goodness. I do get queasy/dizzy when I'm hungry but it's not too bad and I'm really lucky. I am loving my dopppler and being able to check the heartbeat every couple days is so nice. Pregnancy tends to pass slowly, but is going much quicker as I am enjoying watching Kyleigh grow and reach milestones. Right now she's pulling up and cruising around furniture. You can tell there's times she thinks about letting go, but not quite yet. I can't believe I will have a toddler very soon. Last month, all her teeth decided to come out at once, poor baby. She now has 6 teeth out and they all seemed to pop out within a week.

Mom is taking Nick and John this weekend, and since Kyleigh ususlly goes down for a morning nap after breakfast, it looks like I will be able to sleep in tomorrow for the first time in years!

I will try to update again soon.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Well, L's parents came by yesterday. They noticed the dog was spayed and had the nerve to tell my husband, "Well, now that you got your dog fixed, you need to get your wife fixed." A bit rude huh? Especially coming from my kids' grandparents! L told me he ought to have another just to piss them off. I told him it was a nice thought, but I'm done after this baby, if everything goes well.

In other words, played with my doppler yesterday at 10w3d and heard my own pulse but in the background I hard a fast "thump, thump, thump" reading in the 160s on the monitor, so it looks like we have a baby's heartbeat!

This pregnancy has made me so much more tired than the last, so I'm trying to deal with that while chasing 3 kids. I'm managing, but I just don't have the energy to do much, and diaper change/wrestling matches with Nick are leaving me walking away breathless. I do praise God I have been again blessed with the absence of morning sickness, other than occasional queasiness, kinda like the feeling you get when you are really hungry.

I guess now I'll leave you with a picture of my beautiful daughter. You can see her cute little teath coming out too.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Doppler confusion

Today, I'm one day shy of nine weeks and I was playing with my doppler this morning. I definitely faintly heard the heartbeat on both sides of my belly. The monitor showed readings ranging from 125-135, a couple times spiking to 140. So, if there are any nurses reading, can my pulse really be that high resting. I will admit, I get a little anxious before getting the doppler out, but I took my pulse before and after and it was about 105.

Anyway, since I was baffled finding readings on both sides of my belly, and I highly doubt it's twins, I looked up pulse points and here is the diagram I found. Now I'm confused as to whether or not I found the baby, or my pulse on the femoral artery. Not getting an early u/s this pregnancy is making me crazy. I just what to be able to say for sure there's a heartbeat. I know, I know, it's too early likely.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

First Prenatal Visit

My first doctor appointment was yesterday. I'm 8 weeks today. He didn't do an ultrasound, so didn't get to hear the heartbeat, so I'm a bit disappointed. I was hoping to leave feeling relieved, hearing a beating heart, but I'm just gonna have to have faith the my baby is healthy and growing normally.

I have been playing around with my doppler a couple times a week. I know it's early, but I don't wanna miss the chance when I finally hear the heartbeat. I did pick up a reading of 135 for a few seconds before it slowed down and found my own pulse, so it may/may not have been the baby.

I thought I'd worry less this time, but it's pretty much the same as with Kyleigh. I'm still shocked(in a good way of course) that I was able to get pregnant, not once, but twice and it's still hard to believe it's really happening.

Anyway, at least I have 3 little ones to chase to keep me distracted as I wait. I will try to update here as much as possible. Oh, and I spilled the beans on f@cebook a couple weeks ago because Larry couldn't wait any longer.