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Friday, June 24, 2011

11 weeks

11w3d today and and I'm really gonna attempt to blog more this pregnancy because looking back for Kyleigh, I didn't write as much as I should have.

It seems I am making my way near the end of the first trimester already. Main symptom is exhausting and no morning sickness thank goodness. I do get queasy/dizzy when I'm hungry but it's not too bad and I'm really lucky. I am loving my dopppler and being able to check the heartbeat every couple days is so nice. Pregnancy tends to pass slowly, but is going much quicker as I am enjoying watching Kyleigh grow and reach milestones. Right now she's pulling up and cruising around furniture. You can tell there's times she thinks about letting go, but not quite yet. I can't believe I will have a toddler very soon. Last month, all her teeth decided to come out at once, poor baby. She now has 6 teeth out and they all seemed to pop out within a week.

Mom is taking Nick and John this weekend, and since Kyleigh ususlly goes down for a morning nap after breakfast, it looks like I will be able to sleep in tomorrow for the first time in years!

I will try to update again soon.


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