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Friday, December 30, 2005


The Rita family found a house! It will not be available until February, but there gonna stay with us til next Thursday, then borrow someone's camper until they either get the house or a FEM@ trailer. I enjoyed their company much more now that they are "visitors."

Soyoung starts school next Wednesday, so by the time classes start loading work on her, the Rita family should be moved out. It looks like she will have the quiet she is going to need on Sunday.

We had a tragedy in our church yesterday. 4 people in one family were killed in a car wreck from Mississippi on their way home from Indiana! One was in our life teen program. I don't know them personally, but L does. Please pray for the family, the kids at their school, and the mom, the only surviving family member because she took a flight home. They hit a deer, spun out of control and were hit by an 18-wheeler. Please pray for peace to everyone involved and their loved ones.

We're going to my parents' tomorrow to do Christmas. Finally. I have a small teddy bear for Soyoung, but I'd still like to get her another small gift, but haven't had the time. I am just going to tell her we have friends visiting until the end of the week.

In two days, we will be responsible for a teenager! We have to set rules, curfews, chores. I don't know where to begin. I'm thinking of doing like my mom did. I just need to know where she is at all times and I will tell her when to come home. I never had a "curfew", but before I left to go out, my mom would tell me when to be home. You think that's a good way to handle it? Or should I put a set curfew? I want her to have fun, but I'm responsible for her safety.

I will have a hopefully humorous post coming up soon inspired by Yellowgirl from my online support group. If I don't have time at lunch, maybe on Monday or Tuesday.


  • At 1:19 PM, Anonymous Vicki said…

    Hi :) I just thought that maybe your exchange student would like a locket on a chain, that she can put pics of her mom and dad in? That might be a little bit more personal too. Just an idea.

    Have a great New Years!!!


  • At 7:07 PM, Blogger animallvr said…

    Hey no fair! Mom and dad set no curfew for you?! They made mine 9pm on school nights and 11pm on weekends! What did you do to screw it up for me??..LOL J/K... I think you should use the curfew mom and dad had for me. It's resonable and a curfew won't have to be set everytime that will cut down on communication errors.


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