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Monday, December 19, 2005

Please Send Prayers

During my colonoscopy, my doctor removed a very tiny polyp, maybe only 2-3mm. It was removed, so that one won't give me anymore problems. I just ask for prayers that it comes back from the lab non-cancerous. If it does, then I won't have to be checked again for five years (and I REALLY don't want to have this done every year).

Since it was removed, I shouldn't need to do anything else, I'm just praying it's not pre cancer or anything so I won't have to go through that awful test every year.

Ok, it wasn't too bad I guess. The worst part was the liquid diet(starving the day before), and drinking this nasty stuff to clean you out. They were supposed to give me good drugs during the procedure but they didn't give me enough, and some of it was painful, but not unbearable. I think they gave me different meds than others because I told them I get nauseated. The pain I felt was better than throwing up though I guess.

I'm glad that is over with. I was out by 8am so now I get the rest of the day off due to the drugs they gave me!


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