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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

New Visitor for the New Year!

Our exchange student will be arriving on Sunday. Yeah! I am excited and nervous.

How will she react when she finds out another whole family is staying with us? We were thinking since they were only staying a couple weeks, we would tell her friends were visiting?

I know I sound selfish, but it's getting hard on me already, so let me vent. I mean no disrespect for the Rita family, but I'm gonna bitch anyway, since I was up past midnight and they were just starting to get their kids settled for bed!!

A couple positive points first. I walk into my house and supper is cooked! Also, I have 2 happy kids playing in my living room. They let Abbey out a lot so she is getting used to going outside.

Here's the problem. I have to have my sleep. L and I like to be in bed around 9:30 to 10:00. I tell the Rita family goodnight around 10 and they have not even started gettting their kids ready for bed. Abbey has to stay in a kennel in the front room, since both rooms are now occupied. Well, Abbey was crying and barking because she was in her kennel and their was so much activity going on. Finally, I get up and tell them that the puppy will go to sleep once they turn the TV off in the living room. They got the hint and went to their room. I think the noise finally stopped at about 12:30 to 1am!

They haven't started looking for places to rent yet. I don't mind them staying, but they need to look. This living situation is not going to last past a week or two without serious tension. He is on worker's comp and the wife don't work, so why did they not apartment shop yesterday (supposedly, FEM@ can offer rent payments for a while when they find something)? We came to the rescue. L and I found some places, they can pick one.

I hope that they find a place soon so it doesn't end with any hard feelings.

I need sleep REALLY REALLY bad!!!

Going nuts with lack of sleep!!

By the way, I am aware that I will lose sleep as a parent, but not, I AM NOT a parent!!

Please don't wish me to go straight to hell!! I need strength, patience, and sleep right now!!!


  • At 4:07 PM, Anonymous Monique said…

    Hey Lisa, I can't believe they let their kids go to bed that late! But anyway hope it all gets sorted out soon so you can get sleep again. Who wants to lose sleep over someone else's children anyway lol Once you have a baby you will lose sleep then so you have to get as much as you can before that happens, that's my advice anyway. Hope you had a nice Christmas.

  • At 5:53 PM, Anonymous Lori said…

    Completely legitimate to vent a little. While it's wonderfully kind of you to open your home to them temporarily, I hope they find an apartment quickly.
    Hopefully tonight is going more smoothly and you get a better nights sleep.


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