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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

So Young

Sorry everyone, but I'm just so excited about So Young coming to stay! At least maybe ya'll will get a break from my moaning about infertility for a while. A new puppy and an exchange student! At least I won't get lonely!

As far as baby making goes, I am again feeling at peace (though not accepting it) about being temporarily childless. I also now feel at peace again with God. I took a big leap and finally went back to confession, and I really feel at peace again. I feel like a full Catholic again. It's good to be back to the church. I have some sad days, but God has been placing some delightful distractions in my life for which I am very greatful for. I think these distrations are helping me stay sane. I guess my prayers are being answered. I asked God to take away some of the pain, and these distractions are working so far.

Well, we're meeting with our caseworker Thursday night to fill out papers, and they can make sure our house is livable. L is worried about the animals making the house look messy and the kitty litter box. If you have a cat, wouldn't they expect to see a litter box? I explained to them as long as there wasn't cat piss and shit all over the floor, that shouldn't be a problem. The cat's gotta have a place to go right?

L showed me the website and we got to see a picture and profile of So Young. We also got to read her essay she wrote. Her English is very good. The only errors were grammatical. Sorry, I will not post a picture, because I had to sign in to a website to get it. I did send one to my parents and put one in my office. If she comes, and is a computer geek with her own website with pictures, I will put a link to it. The last few days, I've been consumed with getting ready for her arrival. Hopefully she will be here in less than a month. Please pray for her a safe journey.


  • At 2:48 PM, Anonymous Arwen said…

    I always dread going to confession, but I love how peaceful I feel afterward. I'm going to keep you in my prayers especially over the coming weeks, that you will have extra amounts of peace for Christmas. Much love.


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