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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

New Orleans Blame Game

WARNING: Very conservative political post ahead.If you are easily offended, do NOT read on, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Before I begin, I am not prejudice, and my heart goes out to the Katrina victims. I will only be refering to the lazy asses who will not work because they don't want to, not due to lack of Oportunity. This is mainly the fault of liberal politicians that taught them to depend on the government instead of giving them opportunies to take care of themselves. Below are several scenarios I heard about in some shelters.

1. I don't want that kind of sandwich-Some dear-hearted man called the local radio station and said a group of his was volunteering serving sandwiches to some evacuees. A man got pissed because they didn't have what he wanted to eat. The man apologized saying that's all they had and to receive the following smart ass comment from the man he was trying to help. I will not repeat that comment here, but it was ugly. You can email me if you really want to know. The guy left decided it wasn't worth his time to volunteer.

2. Job Offers- Several contractors needed workers for projects, so they wanted to give the opportunity to the Katrina victims living at the shelters. They wanted to give them a chance to work. They offered them jobs paying good money, no experience needed. They would pick provide transportation and feed them lunch. Not ONE person got off their lazy ass and accepted the job. They complain of no opportunity, but when they get a job offer they'd rather sleep!! Several big name companies (companies I'd kill to work for), also offered jobs with no response.

3. Bitch Session about Mexican Contractors-A group of New Orleans residents had a bitch session with the mayor about Mexican contractors rebuilding the city. What?? Somebody has to re-build and if they are not going to get off their lazy asses, pick up a hammer, and re-build, don't bitch when someone else gets the job that you turned down.

Anyway, you get the idea. I'm so sick of this blame game still two months after Hurricane Katrina. I would do anything to help these people help themselves, but I'm so sick of these liberal politicians keeping them unemployed, in sub-standard houses and giving them just enough government money to eek by. Oh yeah, I forgot, if the politicians don't help them find jobs and get the required education they have a huge block of voters that will vote however they tell them.

By the way, is anyone wondering why there were always plenty of buses to take everyone to the polls on election day, but when it was a matter of life and death, where were there great liberal leaders? Why did they NOT send buses to evacuate the city? It just makes me so mad for all those lives that did not have to be lost.

I know the majority are good, hard-working people. Again, I am only referring to the few bad apples in the bunch. Sorry if I offended anyone, but I had to get that off my back. Like I said, I am more angry with the crooked politicians that run the state, not so much the residents.


  • At 8:34 PM, Blogger animallvr said…

    Right on Sis! I see help wanted signs all over D.S. and B.R. !

  • At 8:35 PM, Anonymous Sam said…

    Interesting observations ...

  • At 3:15 AM, Anonymous Monique said…

    I know I am in Australia but I hear what you are saying. It is the same here, we have so many lazy people living off other people's taxes, who just don't want to work and the government just lets them and feeds the negative cycle.


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