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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Looking for a New Baby (Pet)

I know, ya'll probably think I have a farm already, but I'm looking for a small dog to stay in the house. Our great dane is an outside dogs and our cats go in and outside. Don't worry the cats are kept confined in a shaded area with plenty room to play. Anyway, my mom adopted a yorkie that was dropped off at my sister's vet that she works for. I used to not care for small dogs, until I met my mom's dog, Shelby, and now, I am in love!

I'm looking for a yorkie that won't get bigger than 5 lbs, preferably a female. My kitten and mom's yorkie loved playing together. My older cat, the striped one, is starting to get grouchy at his ripe old age of 2, so Rose, the kitten I got for Buddy now needs a play mate. I could always go with another cat, but Buddy just would NOT go for it. He likes dogs (as long as they don't try to eat him), but he HATES other cats. When we evacuated for Hurricane Katrina, the instant I brought Buddy's kennel into my mom's house he started growling and was pissed off at me for the next two weeks after we got home!

Rose was an exception to his cat rule. Maybe because she was female and cute. He only hissed at her a couple days before pouncing on her, then I new she was accepted!

Anyway, I'm looking for a small, friendly yorkie, that won't break my fertility budget. If anyone has any information, please let me know. It will be well-loved just like my other spoiled babies.


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