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Friday, November 04, 2005

Lupron is Covered

Well, my lupron is 100% covered. Yay. Finally, a break.

Still on the phone at work. Getting very behind on my job. Boss is not happy and tried to get me out of it with no success. I guess he understands. I can't be both places at once.

L is putting a deposit on my yorkie today. It's a girl!! He better hurry because someone else wants both the puppies. The lady said she'd hold it for him until he could get there today because he called first. I still keep fearing it will be sold already, just like I feel like the baby will never come either. I'm sure she will keep her word.

L has strep throat. Should have seen the doctor days ago. The good news is he found us a good doctor in this rinky-dink town we live in. She graduated from the same high school as me. How cool is that? She also may get L to paint her house, so some fertility money may be on the way!


  • At 3:35 PM, Anonymous Monique said…

    That is great news that the Lupron is covered I bet you guys feel relived about that. Hope L gets better soon, what is it with guys not wanting to go to doctors? When my hubby broke his wrist a couple of years ago he didn't go to the doctor until 2 weeks after it happened, claiming it was just bruised!


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