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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Tagged Again

Kit Kat tagged me. I have a little time before church, so hear we go:

6 Weird things about me:

1. I am one of the 10% or so of people of didn't get pregnant after a year of TTC. I am also the only one in my entire extended family that has been unable to get pregnant.

2. I have a cat that acts like a dog. (After being neutered and kept in the kennel at the vet overnight, Buddy nearly had an anxiety attack after being put with the cats, so they had to put him in the room with the dogs.

3. I don't eat vegetables, well except lettuce and cucumbers, but no cooked vegetables. I am EXTREMELY picky.

4. I am extremely attached to my home state although the education sucks, the health care sucks, our insurance rates are through the roof, and our politicians are about as stupid and crooked as they come. I love the cajun culture and great food here.

5. I cannot sleep cuddling with L. I never slept well in the bed with someone else. We have a king size bed and if L so much as has a foot brushing against me at night, I whine at him to move. Cuddling's fine earlier, but I need my space when I sleep.

6. My sister and I adopted two kittens several years ago and named them Claire and Annette since we both played the clarinet. My parents later adopted a cat and named her Jazzy.

7. Since I cheated on #1, I'll give you one more, but don't have me locked up ok. I am an extreme music geek, so I named my clarinet, George. I don't know where it came from, but I wasn't the only one in the LSU band that gave my instrument a "pep talk" before an important audition. Anyway, I think George is pissed off at me because I haven't practiced in a couple years. I guess I'm too consumed with infertility now. I also went to Band Camp in Bunkie, LA

One time, at band camp.....

Let's see, who could I tag?

Yellowgirl (in my comments)
Anyone else who hasn't been tagged yet and would like to respond


  • At 6:20 PM, Anonymous Jane said…

    Here's hoping and praying that this time next Sunday night you will be tired from a wonderful weekend with Baby N.....

  • At 8:07 PM, Anonymous Julie said…

    ... I did that a week or so ago... But I'm scared as your weird things sound so normal after mine... Maybe I *am* weird. LOL!

    Here is mine:


  • At 12:36 PM, Blogger Just another Jenny said…

    This is kind of fun eh? It's like rabbits breeding, everybody will be tagged soon.


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