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Monday, March 06, 2006

My apologies

I am going to slack off the pregnancy announcements, so please don't stop reading.

I am sorry.

I am still under the false hope that if I talk about pg people and hang out with pg people I will catch it. Stupid right?

I will keep my congrats to their blogs from now on, but know that I am extremely happy for any of my infertile blogfriends that get pregnant, but I will try to spare the pain of pg announcements to everyone else.

My little cousin bought Abbey from me and she LOVES her. Glad she got a good home. It's nice having the extra time in the morning. I was even able to make breakfast!


  • At 9:43 AM, Blogger Ornery said…

    I don't think it's stupid at all to hope that other people's good fortune will rub off on you. Those BFPs that we encounter from time to time are wonderful reminders that there is indeed a reason for all the crap we are putting ourselves through.

  • At 2:38 PM, Blogger Nique said…

    I think it is nice to read when people get pregnant after trying to have a baby for so long but then I am not infertile so it wouldn't upset me to read it, like it would to people who are infertile.

    I know I use to feel sad when I heard other people were pregnant after William died. I felt happy for them but sad for me as I wanted to be pregnant and have a baby as well. Thankfully 5 years later I got to have an alive baby and I really pray all the parents out there (including you Lisa) who are infertifle get to have babies as well.

  • At 5:28 PM, Anonymous Lori said…

    I agree - sometimes the reminders that this can work is what many of us need.


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