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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

DAMN THE STORK!!!!!!!!!!!

The stork shit on my windshield today. Bastard! Here's the conversation I had with a coworker today:

Coworker: Lisa, Come see. I have to tell you something.

Lisa: Walks out the office... w-what?

Coworker: Ex-co-worker is pregnant? Isn't that great? I'm so excited.

Lisa: (holding back sobs): Cool. . . that's great. . .

Coworker: I'm going to throw her a baby shower at my house, I can't wait.

Lisa: (when will it be so I can have other plans) uh...ok, sniff.

Ok, I will be fair. This girl lost one of her 2-year old twins tragically(drowned at babysitter's), so I'm glad she has some joy coming to her.

I just don't know her that well. I don't think I can go to the shower. I don't think I can handle any showers except close family that I'm "obligated" to attend, and then I doubt I will be able to do it without balling my eyes out.

I'm so upset I feel sick. When will it be my turn? WHEN?

Btw, this co-worker knew I was going through infertility for almost 2 years. I guess people just don't understand how a small thing such as a pregnancy announcement could send us over the edge.

I guess congratulations are in order next time she visits the office. . . I thought baby showers were only for your FIRST BABY? Even if I don't go, I will have to hear about it.

DAMN THE STORK!! Why does he always stick his tongue out at me.

Sorry, dear stork, I was only kidding....please, please come by my house. I'll even get rid of the cat.

Fine then, I'll be sure to have L's hunting rifle out next time you fly over to make a delivery to one of my teenage neighbor's again!


  • At 2:08 PM, Blogger Kitkat said…

    Not that it makes you feel any better, but my cousin had a shower for her second baby... but only because she never had one for her first.

    And if you aren't up to it, absolutely do not go. Last shower I went to was for my sister-in-law, so of the obligated kind. Hated every minute of it and was emotionally wiped out afterward from fighting back tears the whole time. Definitely not worth it for someone you aren't close to.

    Nice blog. First I've visited (after seeing you post on mine.) Can't wait to read more of your story.

  • At 7:18 PM, Anonymous Lori said…

    I'm sorry you got a heap of stork shit today. Do NOT go to the shower if you're not up to it. You are under no obligations at all!!

  • At 8:06 PM, Anonymous Monique said…

    I don't understand why people have more then one baby shower either. I didn't have one for when I was pregnant with Jack because as I told everyone I already had my one baby shower when I was pregnant with William and saying I should have another one is like saying he never existed. Needless to say no one dared throw one for me.

    I wouldn't go to the baby shower if you don't want to, I know there are many times I just didn't go or would go and leave as soon as I needed to (ie I was gonna cry).

    I know how much you want a baby Lisa and I so want you to have one to, I really wish I could do something to help you but alas I can't except pray and I promise I am doing that for you guys!


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