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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Taking a Leap of Faith

We are getting signed up to get certified to foster/adopt through the state.

I told L I still want to have at least one infant. I don't care if it sounds selfish.

Worst case, I adopt one older kid and one infant.

I'm scared and excited.

We start classes mid February.

Wish us luck. We will still be trying to get pg of course!


  • At 8:46 PM, Anonymous Arwen said…

    Wow, that's great! You and L are in my thoughts and prayers as always.

    (I don't think it's selfish to want at least one infant. I think you're being remarkably unselfish, actually.)


  • At 3:20 AM, Anonymous Monique said…

    Lisa I am praying for you and L about all of this. I don't think you are being selfish at all about wanting an infant, that is totally understandable.

    Take care

  • At 5:13 AM, Blogger Rach said…

    Congrats to you!

    You are not being selfish at all.

  • At 7:46 AM, Anonymous Lori said…

    Good luck! And wanting an infant does NOT sound selfish at all.
    What an exciting step - I'll be hoping it all works out for you!!

  • At 2:48 PM, Blogger chris said…

    Congrats. And you aren't being selfish, by the way.


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