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Monday, January 30, 2006

Mardi Gras Mambo!

The ball was awesome! I'll save that for another post with pictures soon. They are still in my digital camera, because I have not stopped this weekend. If L is in a good mood, I'll talk him into letting me post pics of him in his duke costume.

Anyway, yesterday was my first visit to New Orleans(except the airport), since Hurricane Katrina. We had some guests from California, so we took them to the lower 9th ward and Plaquemines Parish. It's pretty cleaned up now but you can see a bit of damage. This tall buildings had some windows blown out.

Anyway, while walking around the French Quarter (which is still nearly deserted), we saw some interesting Katrina T-shirts(wish I had more cash with me last night). Hear is some I remember:

"Katrina gave me a blow job I will never forget"

"I stayed in New Orleans during Katrina and all I got was a T-shirt, a new cadillac and a plasma TV"

"Willy Naigan and the Chocalate City(with mayor Nagin's face on Willy Wonka's body."

"The Krewe of Disaster", with pictures of our dear governor and the New Orleans mayor! (L bought this one).

Also there were many shirts mocking FEMA!

L mentioned wanting to move last night. Back to the city I grew up in. Man, I hope he's serious. I wanna get the hell away from the bayou (we can always visit).

I hope to get pics posted soon of the ball.


  • At 8:19 AM, Anonymous Lori said…

    So glad you had fun at the ball - hope to see those pics soon!


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