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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Laying Down the Rules

Soyoungs, agency, we'll call them Agency P.

Agency P says we have to cut So Young's emails down to once a week because her father is getting too involved. How do I explain that to her and control her from emailing too often?

I don't him checking on her, but now he seems concerned about what she's eating and she is very skinny. A little pizza and hamburgers won't hurt her. Maybe agency P is right and he needs to let go. They should (and probably did) have explained this to her when she got signed up.

It's partly my fault. I chose to break this rule because I wanted her to feel more secure by having access to her family.

Oh, one cool thing. Last night I got to sign a paper of rules from her teacher on the line that says "parent signiture." Wow, I'm really getting desperate for motherhood if that gives me a thrill.

I need to get pregnant already!


  • At 6:25 PM, Anonymous Lori said…

    Just one email a week doesn't sound like much considering So Young is still a young girl and all the changes she's going through. But I guess it can make things more difficult. I hope that sorts itself out.
    And the signature thing would definitely give me a thrill as well.

  • At 8:53 AM, Blogger Rach said…

    I agree with the signature thing. I would LOVE to be able to sign somthing as a 'parent'!

    I think it would be hard to only talk to my family once a week. Even as an adult, I talk to my mom almost daily.

  • At 9:46 PM, Anonymous Monique said…

    Hey Lisa

    Yeah once a week could be hard, being in another country and everything is probably daunting for her. But also this is an experience for her to live away from home as well so it should be good for her and good for you and L as well.


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