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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Strange Custom? or Sloppy Teenager?

L was looking for the towels that went in So Young's bathroom to clean them and put them out for the company we're having for the ball this weekend.

He found the towels in the bottom of her closet. Nothing strange yet right.

Well, when he picks up the towels you will NEVER guess what he finds?


I was messy when I was younger, and I may not have washed dishes after myself, but I didn't hide them in my closet.

Ok, I'm being serious that an Asian custom, a sloppy teenager, or should I be concerned about an eating disorder?

She eats well, but I received an email from her father last week worried about how much she is eating. Do you think she's trying to hide it from her father?

L was p*ssed. We are going to have a talk with her tonight. Dishes go in the dishwasher or washed and put in the cabinets. We won't tell your dad what you eat. Please put dirty clothes in the laundry room or a basket in the bottom of your closet.

Any suggestions?


  • At 1:16 PM, Anonymous said…

    Hey Lisa! Never heard of it myself. If there was actual uneaten food in there, I'd say she was hording it over fear of not having food for later (I read about a foster kid that did that once)... but this sounds like laziness/shame over "eating too much". I'd just be casual about it and explain it is nec b/c of bug issues (you ARE in LA, after all, right!)..... but the not telling her father is also probably a good one if that is her concern....

    Ah, the teen years!


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