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Monday, November 07, 2005

Bedtime Prayer


I know you know what's best for me in my life. I know you're reasons for not giving me children at this point in my life is beyond my comprehension. I know I must let go and put it all in your hands and you will carry me. I am grateful for your blessings. A loving husband. A loving family. A home and food on the table.

I know I may not ever understand why I must endure this struggle, but I know you love me and have an awesome plan for my life. Since everything is beyond my control and I must yield to Your will, all I ask of you now is one simple thing. Help ease the pain. Help me to sleep at night and hold tight to my husband during these times. Wipe away my tears. Help me carry this cross. Please, Lord help the pain go away.

Let me not be jealous of other people's blessing of children but be joyful for them and see Your miracle in the eyes of their children. Use me at church to help the teenagers in our program while I am waiting on my miracle.

Mostly Lord I ask that you keep my heart near yours during these struggles. Keep my husband and I close to you during our struggle and don't let it have a negative affect on our marriage.

The tears are falling now, but I know that you are standing over me now Jesus. I know you cry when I cry, and I know that you will provide for me, even if it's not what's in my plan. Help me to yield to Your great plan for my life.

Help me to yield, but please take away some of the tears and pain. I know their are only one set of footprints in the sand of my life right now. They are Yours, carrying me through this struglle.


  • At 6:55 AM, Anonymous Arwen said…

    Amen. Thank you for saying it so simply, and so well.


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