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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Surgery Complete - Endometriosis Found (warning: graphic and descriptive)

Well, I now know part of the reason I can't get pregnant. I had endometiosis, quite a bit from what L said. The doctor also found a cyst on one ovary and some blockage from one of my tubes. Although I am relieved to finally find out what is wrong with me I'm really ticked off about the following things:

1. HSG--Why did I spend $700 out of my pocket for an HSG when it did not detect the blockage in my tube? My doctor said they should have detected that when the dye was moving through the tube slower than normal.

2. IUI's-- I spent almost $2500 in two IUI cycles from an RE who didn't even bother to make sure I wasn't having any problems first. Even though I informed him of my crazy cycles and irregular bleeding, he immediately assumed we only had male factor IF and was too happy to waste our money even though I wasn't functioning.

3. Lupron-- I am going to have to be treated with Lupron for about three months to get rid of any microscopic endometriosis that may be remaining that the doctor wasn't able to burn off with the laser. I won't be pregnant before the year is over so it's going to be another lonely, childless holiday season. I heard Lupron also makes you depressed. IF also makes you depressed so I guess I'll really be crying even more at every little thing. I'm NOT going on antidepressants. They don't work for me and I don't like the side effects.

The surgery itself went very well. I'm a wimp when it comes to pain and I hardly felt anything when they woke me up. I felt like I had to pee and slightly queasy, but a little medicine through the IV took care of those problems quickly. My parents drove me home Friday afternoon and I slept most of the trip and wasn't in much pain. My throat is still a little soar and I have an air bubble that traveled to my shoulder that's bothering me a bit but other than that, I feel normal.

My doctor did an excellent job! I had two small incisions each less than an inch long. They can be covered with regular band aids and I don't see any stitches so they must be on the inside or he must have used surgical glue.

I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be going into surgery. I didn't faint from starvation. They deadened my arm before starting the IV and I hardly felt the needle poke. The last thing I remember was climbing on the table in the operating room and them giving me oxygen and then I was waking up. I was alert and asking all kinds of questions about what they found.

The only part that was frustrating was that I had to pee 100 cc before I could go home, but it had to be all in one sitting. Dad and L were offering to help contribute so they could go home and my mom was fussing at them. Finally, I started getting queasy, begged for nausea medicine and the nurse brought me some. I quickly drank 3 glasses of water and a glass of coke in about 20 minutes. Although I knew I would regret it later I was able to fill up their container and go home. I could not stop peeing for hours! Dad had to make 3 stops between the hospital and L's aunt's house, maybe a 30 minute drive, and it still took a few more hours to get rid of that water! That was ridiculus! I could understand not sending me home if I coudn't go at all, but I didn't think I'd have to fill up a bucket!! Anyway, sorry to be so graphic, but one day all of this will go in my baby book and I want my future child to know how much it was wanted.

After Lupron, I have to try to get pregnant as aggressively as possible so the endometriosis doesn't come back. Hopefully it will happen soon so I won't have to go through surgery again. Thanks to everyone who has been reading for your prayers and support. I will update again when I see my doctor for my follow up in two weeks.

Anyway, that concludes our lesson in female anatomy 101. Stay tuned for Endometriosis 200 in two weeks.


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