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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

More News

The nurse called yesterday with the final results of L's semen analysis. She said it's good enough to do IUI's. I don't want to do IUI's, I want to get pregnant on my own. I'm tired of spending all that money with no results. I guess bad news for us is good news for money making doctors. Not that I'm really against it, but if they want to make money, start a fight for mandated fertility coverage! If I'm a drug addict, (which would have been my fault and self-imposed), insurance would cover treatment. If I can't have children (something I have NO control over), the insurance company tells you to go screw yourself. I mean, of course they don't want to pay the expenses for infertility treatments and then additional costs of prenatal care afterwards!! Oh my, they would have to file for bankruptcy huh? Why should they if everyone ignores the problem?

I'm usually not for government interference, but they butt their heads in other place they shouldn't. Why can't they do something beneficial for once? They give women permission to murder unborn babies, but you don't have a right to be a parent if you can't afford it? Does insurance pay for abortion? I wouldn't be surprised if it did. Don't worry, I'm not going to discuss abortion frequently, I'm just over sensitive because some people can get pregnant and throw there kids away and I have to suffer infertility. It just doesn't seem fair.


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