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Saturday, October 08, 2005

When It Rains It Pours. . .

L and I had a terrible day yesterday. We got up around 1 am and left around quarter to two to drive to Houston for my pre-op. Throughout the course of the day we were given some more bad news, L's count and motility are down again. It may still be enough for IUIs, but naturally, we're not likely to get pregnant. Of course that is scientifically speaking. I pray to God constantly for a baby, and although I get sad and frustrated, I still pray for a miracle. Hope is all I have right now.

I explained the spotting issue to my doctor, telling him I was spotting for almost a week. He explained that is why the surgery is necessary. He is suspecting polyps or endemetriosis. Wonderful news! At least he said he can fix all those problems while he's looking around in me. I felt a little better when he assured me he wouldn't find a problem, sew me back up and wake me to tell me I had to have another operation. I know if you're reading you think I'm crazy for assuming he wouldn't fix me, but the doctors around where I live, that's exactly what they would do.

It take all I had in me to keep a straight face after hearing that our male factor IF problems were returning. I feel a breakdown coming. I just don't know when. To top it off, I had to pick up something at the mall on the way home. I must have seen 20 pregnant teenagers, and I am NOT exagerating! Life can be so unfair sometimes.

I'm kinda new at blogging, so I'm just anyone reading this yet? If so, please say hi so I can know whether or not I'm talking to myself. Feel free to leave any other comments too if you'd like. I'd like to start discussing some things but that will be pointless if noone is here yet. Either way is fine with me. I'd like to hear from some people, but will continue writing to myself.


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