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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Road Trip

We're going on a road trip early tomorrow morning. Instead of an exciting weekend getaway for the two of us, we've decided to go on an exciting trip to Women's Hospital in Houston! I'm beginning to think it's pointless to even ask them to do a pg test tomorrow. AF is knocking at the door with only prometrium barring the door shut until tomorrow. All I'm asking for is that she give me one 9 month break without a visit! Is that to much to ask? In 15 years, all I ask of her is to stay away for 9 months! Does she do it? No. Kind of reminds of of the mom on everybody loves raymond, coming to their house unwelcomed all the time. I've been spotting for nearly a week! It's driving me crazy knowing that it's more likely AF is coming than implantational bleeding.

I'm starting to get nervous about surgery. I'm a real chicken with pain. I know it's not major but still a little scared. Will I wake up after? Will my organs still be there? Will I be one of those rare people who wake in the middle of surgery paralized and can't tell anyone? I'll just keep praying that things will go smoothly.


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