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Monday, October 17, 2005

New Adjustments

Well, a new week is here and I have some new issues I have to adjust to:

1. L has a new job-- Politics got the best of L and he had enough. He is working for a friend's company now. Also L's home business is starting to take off, so he may be working for himself.

2. Endometriosis-- It's just starting to hit me. I'm starting to remember stories of people with endometriosis that couldn't have children. I haven't heard good things about Lupron treatment either.

3. Holidays approaching--The holidays are coming soon. No children. No presents under the tree from Santa. I have a feeling this holiday season is going to tear me apart. It wouldn't be so bad if I knew I could at least be pregnant by Christmas but now I know that's not going to happen.

Despite all that is happening I am trying to count my blessings and thank God for the things he has provided me. I have a home, job, husband and other than IF, I have my health. I try to comfort myself with some words of wisdom I've heard. People say God doesn't give you more than you can handle. He gives you what you need although not always what you want. I feel like I need children but I'm sure it's only a want. As hard as it is I just have to try and put in in His hands. I know He knows what's best for me, but it's difficult when you want children so bad and your constantly surrounded by unwanted pregnancies and "accidents."


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