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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Do You Think I'm Under Stress?

I didn't get to blog this morning and I'm gonna tell you why...

I get to work about 15 minutes early and spend the entire 15 minutes cussing at my computer for not accepting my password and letting me in. Then it dawns on me one of the numbers I entered was wrong! How could I forget the password after nearly 2 years of using it every day?

I guess the stress is getting the best of me. With a baby girl in the hospital and Smiley having surgery in a couple weeks it must be messing with my head.

My password now sits under my mouse pad on a sticky note.

First, and not the last stupid thing Dream Mommy will do this year.

Ok, joke's over. Let's change the subject. Did I tell you about the hail we got Friday night? There was a system of REALLY bad weather coming in, some we let the dog and cat in. Our dog, a great dane, is probably as chicken as Scooby Doo! He must have sensed something was wrong because he went and laid by the window in Smiley's room. The cat, we had to bring inside and put in a kennel, because even though he's about 3 years old, he still acts like a kitten....a really bad kitten.

Anyway, I coaxed my chicken dog back to his spot on the living room carpet. I know he wouldn't be able to get to Smiley and would never hurt him, but I wasn't about to leave a big dog and baby in the room together. I awake around midnight to the sound of hail so loud, I'm afraid our windows are gonna shatter any minute. I tell L to get Smiley. We walk in the front room, the cat starts howling and you'll never guess where I found our dog? Under Smiley's baby bed!

What a chicken!! And I thought he wanted to protect Smiley, but he was hiding under Smiley's bed. Some protector dog he is!

I wish I would have got a picture...but Smiley was sleeping. I didn't want to risk waking him, because by some miracle he slept through it!


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    Yup, sounds like stress to me! Feel free to write if you need a good vent or shoulder!

    My new email:

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