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Thursday, September 14, 2006

No Hearing Date

Yesterday was one of those days where I NEVER should have gotten out of bed.

First, about 6:45 am, the nurse calls saying her son had 103 fever and had to drive back home.

L was sick.

A visit was scheduled.

Anyway, I decided to take the morning off to help L take baby N to his family visit.

By the way, our cw was in training, so we supervised the first 45 minutes of the visit(good thing we both went). We asked the supervisor about TPR hearing date and there was none yet but she'd let us know.

As I mentioned before, L and I have a decent relationship with baby N's mom. She has some issues and done some wrong things, but she's his mom, and still deserves to be treated respectfully.

Anyway, I don't mind too much spending an hour with her, I just wish there was a worker there taking notes. Also, I'm afraid of accidentally giving info to her that I'm not supposed to. I am not taking responsibility for what I say if there is no worker to supervise the visit. I look at it this way, right now, she IS his mom and has rights to know how he is developing and what the doctors say.

Baby N's mom and I agree on one thing: baby N's prior foster mom should have never had him to begin with. That's another post for another topic, but will have to fill you in later on things I heard about the house. Her kids are fed and cared for, but that's all.

I have a confesssion, and I know we probably shouldn't have, but we visited bio grandma for about 5 min at her work after the visit(works just around the corner from OCS). Yes, I got pictures of grandma now. She is very nice, and a lot more together than his mom. I'm definately leaning towards an open adoption with her and his sisters. I figured she never harmed him, she just couldn't raise anymore babies.

Damn! 8:00 already. More to come later.


  • At 8:27 AM, Blogger Julie said…

    Maybe you should have stayed in bed- but at least you got pics! :)


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