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Monday, July 03, 2006

You Might Be from Louisiana If...

- The crawdad mounds in your front yard have over taken the grass.
- You greet people with "Howzyamomma'an'dem?" and hear back "Dey fine!"
- Every so often, you have waterfront property.
- When giving directions you use words like "uptown," "downtown," "backatown," "riverside," "lakeside," "other side of the bayou" or "other side of the levee."
- When you refer to a geographical location "way up North," you are referring to places like Shreveport, Little Rock or Memphis, "where it gets real cold."- You've ever had Community Coffee.
- You can pronounce Tchoupitoulas but can't spell it. (also, Thibideaux, Opelousas, Ponchartrain, Ouachita, Atchafalaya)
- You don't worry when you see ships riding higher in the river than the top of your house.
- You judge a po-boy by the number of napkins used. (Amen!)
- The waitress at your local sandwich shop tells you a fried oyster po-boy "dressed" is healthier than a Caesar salad.
- You know the definition of "dressed."
- You can eat Popeye's, Haydel's and Zapp's for lunch and wash it down with Barq's and several Abitas, without losing it all on your stoop.
- The four seasons in your year are: crawfish, shrimp, crab, and King Cake.
- You "wrench" your hands in the sink with an onion bar to get the crawfish smell off.
- You're not afraid when someone wants to "ax you something."
- You don't learn until high school that Mardi Gras is not a national holiday.- You don't realize until high school what a "county" is.
- You believe that purple, green and gold look good together (and you will even eat things those colors).
- You go to buy a new winter coat (what most people would refer to as a windbreaker) and throw your arms up in the air to make sure it allows enough room to catch Mardi Gras beads.
- Your last name isn't pronounced the way it's spelled.
- You know what a nutria rat is but you still pick it to represent your baseball team.
- You have spent a summer afternoon on the Lake Pontchartrain seawall catching blue crabs.
- You describe a color as "K&B Purple."- You like your rice and politics dirty.- You pronounce the largest city in the state as "Nawlins."
- A friend gets in trouble for roaches in his car and you wonder if it was palmettos or those little ones that go after the French Fries that fell under the seat.
- You know those big roaches can fly, but you're able to sleep at night anyway.
- You assume everyone has mosquito swarms in their backyard.
- You realize the rainforest is less humid than Louisiana.

Ok, let's see if you can guess which parish I'm from. Here's a hint: we were under manadatory evacuation for both Katrina and Rita, although neither hit us. The winner...well you just get recognition! I'll give you til' Thursday when I'm back at work again. I even provided a map for your convenience. Happy 4th everyone!

Oops! You'll have to click on the map and zoom to read the names.


  • At 6:53 AM, Blogger Sunnie said…

    St Landry?

  • At 11:02 AM, Blogger Dream Mommy said…

    lower. . .

  • At 5:49 PM, Blogger Sunnie said…


  • At 5:47 AM, Blogger Dream Mommy said…

    St. Mary

    Was badly destroyed in hurricane Andrew about 12 years ago. I was living up north in the Baton Rouge area then.

  • At 3:21 PM, Blogger GLouise said…

    Love the list!

    We aren't from your area, but we adore the Community Coffee. They started selling the type with chicory abt a year ago- yum!

    It used to be the least expensive type in our store, but the price really went up after the hurricanes last summer.

  • At 6:25 PM, Blogger Sunnie said…

    St Mary was next :) heheheh

  • At 5:16 PM, Blogger Dream Mommy said…

    Well, Sunnie is the winner...being she's the only one who guessed!


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