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Monday, July 03, 2006

Swimming with the Alligators

We went to L's aunt's camp on Lake Arthur this weekend. It was kinda nice although Sunday morning I had to drag So Young away from the TV (Harry Potter again) to come outside and hang out with everyone.

His uncle took us in the boat and had one of those blow up jet ski floats to pull someone behind the boat in. We let So Young have the honors of going first. She was pretty good at it, but we managed to knock her in the water. I then took a short turn, and made them swear not to knock me off. Yes, I'm chicken I guess. They say alligators don't really mess with people, but you know my luck! So Young had a blast! I then informed her why I drug her away from the TV.

No, baby N did not go in the boat, so don' t call OCS. MIL came too, so I left the adults to play with him while we went riding. Speaking of boat, must ask case worker how old a child has to be to ride in a boat, because I honestly have no idea! Saturday evening, we had boiled crabs, crawfish and shrimp, my favorites! Sunday, more good food, along with margaritas. Oh yeah, they put some beer in the scrambled eggs mixture for fluffiness...interesting.

Nurse had stomach bug and couldn't make it so L got to spend the entire day with baby N (jealous here). He also experienced his first exploding diaper! I wish I could have been a fly on the wall and seen it.
Oh, everyone at church met baby N yesterday. I walked down the aisle with him sleeping in my arms and everyone staring knowing how happy I was!

Baby N(oops, almost wrote his name) has to be in New Orleans at 6am Wednesday morning for his tube! So Young's plane leaves for Oregon around 7, so I guess she needs to be to the airport around 5am! Thank goodness she's flying out of New Orleans.


  • At 9:30 AM, Blogger Julie said…

    bicksounds like you had a great weekend! I hope all goes well today with the tubes! :)


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