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Monday, April 03, 2006

More Delays. . .

Well, L talked to the social worker today.

They want us to meet with her and her supervisor to discuss his medical issues, and health insurance for baby N after we adopt him. They told us they would love for us to take him, and that things would move really fast with the adoption since TPR is about to happen. He will have to have several surgeries and they want to make sure we get him the medical care he needs.

It sounds like they are delaying his treatment until he gets adopted so the state will be relieved of paying for it. The good news is my boss said I shouldn't have a problem adding him to our health insurance. The bad news: I don't want him to meet his lifetime maximum before he's 4 years old!

Ok, I'm being bitter I guess. I'm just tired of the state dragging ass all the time. At least I know when we get through the red tape the adoption should move along quickly.

The birthmom moved out of state, so when baby N is placed with us he will be ours.

The social worker did say she hoped to have him with us (for a weekend visit) Easter weekend.

Please send prayers. We could use them.


  • At 11:54 PM, Blogger Maya said…

    Prayers sent. This kind of bureaucracy is so sad. I hope everything goes well. He sounds like he needs lots of love and nuturing and you sound perfect for that.

  • At 8:03 AM, Blogger GLouise said…

    Wow that is exciting and sounds like a very real possibility. I hope that you can schedule your weekend "visit" with him soon. Sending prayers!!

  • At 12:31 PM, Blogger Julie said…

    So exciting and nerve racking!! The state does make me crazy in situations like this- I hate to ask questions like this but just wondering- do they consider him a "hard to place child" because of his medical issues? and are there funds to assist after the adoption for his medical issues? I think we have some of that here in Tx- that is what I have heard anyway- not that I know for sure it exists. I am very excited for you!! Having such loving parents will be such a blessing to that sweet boy!! Praying for you!!

  • At 2:51 PM, Blogger Ornery said…

    How exhilarating and frustrating at the same time! Sending my thoughts and prayers to you, L, and baby N. I


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