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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Things That Did Not Suck(and did suck) in 2005

I'm stealing this idea from Lori. I will even start with the positive first.

Things that did not Suck:

1. I discovered blogging and a way to release my feelings.

2. I got advice from some wonderful women in the google group alt.infertility.primary.

3. Dr. Houston hopefully fixed my end of our infertility problems.

4. Jack and Jill. While I don't have kids, it's nice to have a couple that you can spoil and send home.

5. New Job. I finally got an accounting job and may get signed off on my CPA.

6. Abbey. I love my new puppy.

And, one thing in 2006 that DID NOT SUCK

USC got their ASS kicked in the national championship!! That's what they get for trying to "share" LSU's championship win a couple years ago.

Things that DID SUCK

1. One and a half years, no baby yet, not even pregnant.

2. Colonoscopy. Have fun sis, you're due in a couple years.

3. Hurricane Katrina and Rita. Thanks for giving the oil companies another excuse to gouge us at the pump.

4. My failed IUI because of Dr. Quacks late timing of insemination.

5. Being a security guard. (enough said).

6. Lupron, boy, it's HOT in here.

7. LSU losing the national championship because they had to be "politically correct" in selecting the quarterback for the game, rather than selecting the best player.

Things I will try to accomplish:

1. Get pregnant.

2. Find a new house.

3. Eat better (not likely)

4. Exercise more.

5. Learn how to say F-ck You in Korean the next time someone tells me I can have one of their kids.(hey, all you trolls out there! I guess I'm being bitter again.)

I hope everyone's dreams come true and we can all blog about morning sickness and waddling this year!

6. Get signed off so I can get my CPA certificate.


  • At 10:44 AM, Anonymous Tatiana said…

    Quite impressive! WTG, girl.
    I have given up on those resolutions a few years ago. Whats so special about the 1st of January anyway? Might as well make resolutions on the 1st of April! :)

  • At 3:36 PM, Anonymous Monique said…

    Hey Lisa I liked the one about learing the swear word in Korean! That made me laugh. But I can totally understand why you would want to say that to stupid people who say "you can have one of mine" (children), there is no way I would ever say that because there is no way I would want to give away Jack, no matter how naughty he may be in the future.

  • At 5:50 PM, Anonymous Lori said…

    I'm so flattered to have inspired a post!
    Not a bad list of things that did not suck and I truly hope that none of the items on the things that did suck list don't show up on next years!


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