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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Feeling Strange

Last night I went to a planning meeting at church, and I was seriously feeling like I was far off in la la land. I mean, so bad that I feel bad about not having any input last night. It was like I couldn't make myself concentrate. The youth pastor asked me if I could do something last night and I went, "huh", I had completely zoned out. It was the strangest thing. Does lupron make you looney or was I just suffering lack of sleep? I did crash when I finally got to bed last night.

I hope I don't act that stupid at work today.

Abbey is going on her puppy pad most of the time. I haven't got her going out too well, but at least she's going in the same spot and I can place to puppy pad there. Also, I'm kinda disappointed, she loves L much more. Oh well, I guess she will bond to me soon.


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