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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Cajun Thanksgiving

I had a third grade teacher who once told us that she does fried shrimp for Thanksgiving instead of turkey. I was so jealous because fried shrimp is one of my favorite foods (hey! we have good tastin' food down here, not healthy). Well, I'm a picky eater and the only Thanksgiving food I eat is turkey. So when it's time to load the plate, I get a few pieces of turkey and proceed to the table. The solution to my problem. . .spaghetti dinner! Now I like spaghetti, but it has to be made by either my mom, dad or me. Anyway, I'm cooking a pot of spaghetti to bring to L's grandma tomorrow (who is the absolute nicest lady I've met in my life). I did this last year, now L asked me to make a little more because they were having extra company.

Sorry, no fried shrimp this thanksgiving. Although we do have about 30 lbs of shrimp and 10 lbs of catfish filets in the freezer. I just don't feel like peeling and thawing them tonight. Spaghetti is much easier. I think I'm gonna teach L how to cook. Oh yeah, I did coach him once over the phone. It came out good but he put a little too much Tony's seasoning (and I like spicy food, so it was a lot).

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Hopefully I will be to busy to write this weekend.


  • At 9:13 AM, Anonymous sam said…

    I love fried shrimp too. I actually love anything fried.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!


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