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Saturday, January 20, 2007

You'd Think I Had a Newborn Baby Again.

That's what life with Smiley has been like since Thursday after his surgery. He sleeps in 1-3 hour stretches and up crying. More darling. Mommy and Daddy or exhausted too! I appreciate his thoughtfulness in helping prepare me for the arrival of his little sister, but I guess he doesn't understand, I need to rest up BEFORE she comes home.

Smley was fighting a fever most of the day yesterday, so I'm sure that made him a little more miserable. He has been keeping his tongue stuck out all the time. I guess he thinks there's no more room for it in his mouth now that he has a palette. One more big operation left, hypospadia repair. Do a google search to find out what it is, don't want to discuss his private parts hear. After that, we just start seeing a dentist to pull crooked baby teeth, then when he gets 5-6 yrs old, he will need some oral surgery, then braces.

I'm not sure when we will remove the feeding tube. We have to start all over again. I tried feeding him baby food but he didn't want to put his tongue back in his mouth to swallow it. I've been tube feeding him this weekend to let his palette heal. I know his mouth has got to hurt.

Ok, so I guess you're wondering about Princess now? Well, we met with her worker yesterday and she signed the papers saying she was in our care, but we can't date them until we take her home from the hospital. When I called to check on Princess Thursday evening, I learned that she had her feeding tube placed. I was very upset they didn't call me to let me know she was having surgery, again. I asked her worker about this and she said legally they can't give me any information in writing and don't have to tell me anything! I figured this was the case and it's horrible! When I call everyday, I just pray that she has a good nurse that day who will give me a good update. Thursday and Friday when I called the nurse told me nothing except she was doing fine. I've been terribly upset and stressed worrying about her and having no information. Thank goodness her nurse today was one I knew well and gave me some good information, L actually called the hospital first and this is what he told me:

L: I called the hospital to check on our little girl.

Me: Really? how is she?

L: She's doing good. The nurse said they did something, something and something and she's sleeping now.

Me:(calling nurse back): How's Princess doing?

Nurse: She's fine. Your husband actually just called.

Me: Yeah, I know, he told me ya'll did something, something, and something and she went to sleep.

Nurse: (laughing) real specific huh? Well, she's off her IV fluids and taking her full feeds.

Me: Is she still on the feeding pump or bolus(fed with syringe) fed?

Nurse: We're bolus feeding her.

Me: She's taking all her food at one time then? So she shouldn't need to come home on the feeding pump then?

Nurse: nope!

I'm still dying to go visit her, so maybe if L, Smiley and I get enough rest, we can check on her tomorrow. I hate that she just had surgery and we can't be there. It's rough having two babies having surgery the same day at different hospitals.

Well, I'm gonna try and catch a nap before Smiley wakes up again. Thanks for the continued thoughts and prayers.



  • At 3:47 PM, Blogger TeamWinks said…

    Wow, two surgeries on your babies! Yowza. That would be enough to exhaust the best of us!

    I hope Smiley can be smiley again soon. Poor fella.

    I can't wait until Princess can finally come home and get some good lovin'!

  • At 3:49 PM, Blogger TeamWinks said…

    Ok, google univesity just educated me about "hypospadia repair," and I can say that my first husband had this issue. I just didn't know the term for it.

  • At 4:15 PM, Blogger Amanda said…

    The two surgeries on two days really brought home that you're about to have two babies at home with you!

    Hope princess makes it home soon and Smiley's feeling better.

  • At 12:02 PM, Blogger Dream Mommy said…

    It was 2 surgeries on the same day, in 2 different hospitals in 2 different parts of the state.


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