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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Presentation Meeting

The social worker called me this afternoon and we talked for a while. She said she didn't remember how much information she gave me and let me ask questions:

Social Worker: I don't remember how much information I gave you, so do you have any questions?

Me: Where are we in the process?

Social Worker: First, I must tell you something important: Baby N is not legally free for adoption. The father is surreending rights but we are staffing for TPR on the mother and she is going to fight us.

Me: Is she trying to take care of him?

Social worker: Yes and No. She doesn't have the mental capacity to understand the seriousness of his medical condition. She is not able to care for him and take care of all his needs. He needs about 8 surgeries over the next few years.

Me: Why so many? Aren't cleft palettes usually fixed in one surgery when the baby is 3-5 months old?

Social worker: You know what a soft pallet is? It's the roof of your month.

Me: right. . .

Social worker: He has none!

Me: He has no pallette? I thought it was just cleft. Now I understand why it will take so many surgeries! Do the doctors think they can fix it?

Social Worker: They are working on it and want to make it easy on him too. We are going to do a presentation meeting, did L tell you about it?

Me: No. . .when did he schedule it?

Social Worker: Monday morning at 9:30. We will go over everything with you and try to bring a picture of baby N.

Me: Do you think we can have him next weekend for a visit since it will be a long weekend?

Social Worker: That's what we're shooting for!

So, baby N doesn't have a cleft palette, he has NO palette! He is only eating through a feeding tube now but it sounds really easy. She said you just push the formula into his stomach through a syringe.

I can handle that, but a little disappointed I won't be able to bottle feed him.

I'm nervous, scared, and excited all at once. She made a point to mention that he still could return home to mom, and doesn't want to get our hopes up. It doesn't seem likely since she already lost 2 other kids to the state.

With my luck, I'm afraid he will be sent home. I guess I just have to face my fears to have a chance at becoming a mommy.


  • At 7:37 PM, Blogger Nique said…

    Lisa it sounds like baby N needs a good and loving home and so I really hope you do get to care for him. I am praying for you guys.

  • At 7:13 AM, Blogger GLouise said…

    Wow- poor little baby. I agree with Nique... He needs a loving home like yours.

  • At 9:56 AM, Blogger Ornery said…

    It sounds like Baby N has already gone through so much (medically and emotionally), and I just hope that the state does right by him.


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