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Monday, November 14, 2005

Life Teen a Success!

Well, last night was our group's life teen class to present. It went great and I was finally able to come out of my shell and feel like part of the group. The room looked awesome and I think the kids had a good time and learned something too.

My talk went pretty well. I wasn't nearly as nervous as I thought I would be. I forgot one line for the skit, but oh well, I just had to stop a second and wing it. Also, I asked around, and everyone could hear me talk. I guess the required speech class in college did prove to be useful. I think I surprised the others I volunteer with because I'm the "quiet" one. You know what they say about the quiet ones though?

Our shopping trip was nice. Got some good ideas for Christmas. I missed most of the game, but I think that was for the better. When I quit watching the LSU game, they ended up winning in overtime. I just had to remove my bad luck from the room.


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