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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Home Visit

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Today Bubbles caseworker came for her monthly home visit. I was honest about my feelings of concern for Bubbles' safety and she seemed to listen and agree. Here's part of the conversation:

Caseworker: Are you still supporting reunification?

Me: Well....considering the incident with her parents and grandma, I'm not thinking it's a good idea at this time.

Caseworker: I understand what you mean. We visited her house and the trailer is old and in need of lots of repairs.

Me: Well, it's old, but is it clean.

Caseworker: NOPE, and there are too many people living there. Mom will need to find her own place.

Me: I just want mom to understand that Bubbles needs to be in a clean environment and could you please explain how important it is that if she must smoke, she needs to do it outside for Bubbles' sake because it will make her start wheezing like crazy.

Caseworker: Ok, I need to have a talk with her. I haven't got a chance to sit and talk since the incident and I didn't want to do it over the phone.

Me: I just want her to be safe and healthy.

I probably said way too much, but I had to at least make sure her parents' knew how serious her condition can be if they don't take precautions to keep her healthy.

In other news, back to my new ob/gyn tomorrow since I've been bleeding and cramping for almost 4 days, starting CD 11! It's a good thing I let go of hopes of becoming pregnant. I'm not sure what else I can do though. Yes I am on the pill and still bleeding.

Well, gonnna try and get some rest. Being a single mom is exhausting. L will be back Friday. Tonight he's at a sports banquet with my stepson and his ex. Poor thing.


  • At 6:47 PM, Blogger Mixed Up Me said…

    I hope the caseworker takes everything you said to heart! Take care of yourself. . .

  • At 10:14 AM, Blogger all4one said…

    Beautiful pictures of your family!


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