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Friday, September 05, 2008


L returned home Tues and I followed back on Wed. No significant damage. We got really lucky. We are missing about a week and a half of school and don't return until Wednesday! The only odd thing is there were fish in our yard and pool. Yuck! I'm glad L cleaned them up before I returned.

Wednesday I had the privilege of spending all day in the hospital for a kidney stone. Lots of fun. I almost laughed hysterically when the nurse asked the usual question, "Is there any possibility you could be pregnant?" Yeah, wouldn't that be nice. I guess it passed but didn't see it, but the pain is much better under control now.

Smiley was at Nannas for 4 days, just long enough to get seriously spoiled rotten and has developed a nice case of armitis.

Anyway, did ok for the hurricane and got pretty lucky this time. Especially considering we have power and the phones work most of the time. Still almost no businesses open and gas is extremely hard to find.


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