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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Well, I failed the one hour glucose test, so took the 3 hour test yesterday. I did better than I thought starving for 4 hours in the morning. Hopefully, will get results today and nothing to worry about.

I finally get home and there's a message on my home phone from the sheriff's officer that works for the school board...great. Considering K and Smiley are the only ones in school, K must have done something. She didn't feel the need to call either of our cell phones (3 numbers between the two of us), so since it was about time to get the boys anyway(and had they actually arrested him, they would have called our cell phones) I decide to wait and ask K if there is something I should know, then I drop him off at counseling.

In the meantime, both my in-laws call my and L's cell phone to say someone in the sheriff's department is looking for me(like I needed the extra stress). I told L to call and deal with it and of course he gets her voice mail. What the hell gave her the right to call my in-laws looking for me when she hadn't even ATTEMPTED to try our cell phones? They are already nosy as it is and don't think much of K. The reason I listed 3 cell phone numbers because I have 3 adopted kids, all with some kind of needs and am pregnant, so I'm at the doctor or therapist nearly every day!

I'm also a bit ticked that the principal did not call first if there was a problem. I remember when I taught there, I was expected to communicate with the parents before going above there heads.


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    It's okay. I failed the one hour test both times and passed the three hour test. The midwife told me the second time that a lot of people metabolize the sugars in their bodies differently and will always fail a one hour test. But that when the three hour test is taken it's obvious that the person doesn't have a problem.


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